New Frontiers In Funeral Planning

Planning For A Larger-Than-Life Funeral Service

27 January 2020
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There are those in life who will pass away, and maybe one or two people will make it to the ceremony. Then there are those with so many admirers, friends, and family that there is just not enough room to seat everyone at the wake. If you are in charge of planning a funeral where you expect an enormous number of guests and fellow mourners to be in attendance, here is what you need to do next. Read More …

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New Frontiers In Funeral Planning

The business of running a funeral home can be a somber affair, but that doesn't mean that the funeral industry is static and unchanging. Americans' attitudes towards honoring their loved ones after their passing are evolving, just as they always have. Running a successful funeral home requires a keen eye for these trends so that you can continue to meet the demands of your clients in some of their darkest hours. While traditional funerals will always have a place in American society, our goal is to help you understand why some mourners may be choosing alternative services. We'll provide the practical information that you need to stay on top of changing trends so that your funeral business can continue to thrive through the 21st century.