Common Options That You Have When Planning Out Your Funeral Services

Common Options That You Have When Planning Out Your Funeral Services

23 September 2021
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More funeral homes offer clients the option of planning ahead for their final arrangements. These plans are designed to spare survivors the task and financial burden of planning out and paying for funeral services for their loved ones.

If you want to plan ahead for your final services, you can contact a funeral home that offers this option to you. You can take advantage of the pre-planning options for funeral services that it makes available to clients like you.

Installment Plans

Even the most basic and modest of funeral services can cost thousands of dollars. You may not have that money to spend in your savings account. You also may not want to pass on that financial burden to your loved ones after you die.

Instead of trying to pay it all in one lump sum, you can work with a funeral home that offers installment plans on its funeral services. You can plan out the funeral services that you want and can realistically afford. You can then make monthly payments on them until they are paid off in full. Once they are paid off, they remain on record with the funeral home and are ready to utilize when you pass away. Your family will have few, if any, costs of their own to cover for your final arrangements.

Cremation Options

You also may want to forgo a regular burial and instead be cremated when you die. When you choose a funeral home that also serves as a crematory or offers cremation as part of its funeral services, you can include this important detail in your final arrangements.

When you lay out your final plans, you can stipulate that you would prefer to be cremated instead of buried. Even more, you can stipulate at what point in your final plans that you would like to be cremated. You can choose to have a traditional viewing and funeral in a church and then have your remains cremated. Alternatively, you can choose to be cremated right away and have your cremains present at a memorial service and then buried. You can also direct the funeral home to have your loved ones scatter your ashes if you prefer.

You have a number of options available to you when you plan out your funeral services. You can plan ahead and make installment payments. You can also opt to be cremated when you die. 

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