Why Choose A Living Headstone?

Why Choose A Living Headstone?

13 July 2021
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Even though traditional headstones and markers mark a grave or a site where ashes are scattered, they often contain limited information. They give basic details about the person who died.

You can, however, turn headstones, markers, and even urns into a more detailed memorial by using living headstones that harness technology. How does this technology work, and what are its benefits?

What Is a Living Headstone?

At first sight, a living headstone looks more or less the same as regular memorials. It contains the name and details of the person who died. It might include decorations like inset photos, images, or designs.

However, you can also see a quick response (QR) code on the headstone. When you scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet, the code sends a link to a web page or small website which then opens on your device.

The website contains a lot more information about the person in the plot. For example, it might contain a full biography, family history, and photos. Some pages also include written memory notes from the person's loved ones and friends.

Typically, your costs here cover the addition or engraving of the QR code. They also usually include a one-time cost for the memorial website. You can use these codes on new or existing headstones.

Why Use a Living Headstone?

A headstone, marker, or urn gives you some comfort after a bereavement. You mark the person's life and death in a place you can visit in the future.

However, no headstone can say everything you want to say about a person you loved. It won't the space for detailed information. If you buy a living headstone, then you turn the few details you have engraved into a fuller picture of the person who died. This gives you some comfort.

It also helps people who can't visit the gravesite easily or regularly. The QR link gives them access to a more detailed memorial that they can visit virtually whenever they want.

You, and the deceased, make history here too. Anyone who passes a living headstone site can use the QR code to learn more about the person who died.

This memorialization could last for years to come. In the future, descendants of the deceased could learn more about their life. Amateur and professional historians could use the site to learn more about everyday people and their lives.

To find out more about living headstones and how they work, contact custom engraved grave marker specialists.

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