Reasons People Use A Funeral Home To Pre-Plan Their Final Services

Reasons People Use A Funeral Home To Pre-Plan Their Final Services

28 April 2021
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You do not want your final services to be a burden to your loved ones. In fact, you prefer that they simply show up to the place where you want your services to be held and say a dignified and meaningful goodbye to you.

However, if you die without any plans written down, you leave your arrangements to your surviving family members to decide. You can spare them the burden and expense by planning your services now at your preferred funeral home.

Choosing Practicalities

When you work with a funeral home to plan out your final services, you can go ahead and pick out the practical aspects that are necessary to your funeral. For example, you will need to pick out a casket if you want a traditional burial. If you prefer to be cremated, you will need to pick out an urn for your cremains.

You also may need to pick out a vault into which to place your casket or urn if you plan on being buried at a cemetery. You can choose an urn, casket, or vault that fits in your budget and fulfills the requirements that the city or county may require for being laid to rest in a local cemetery.

Choosing the Denomination

If you are religious or practice a certain faith, you may want your funeral to be held according to that denomination's traditions. When you plan your services at a funeral home, you can leave it on record which religious house you want your funeral to be held at. You can also detail in writing what kind of minister, priest, or other religious leader you want to preside over your services.

You avoid the possibility of another denomination holding your funeral and perhaps administering rites by which you did not abide or practice while living. You also avoid leaving the hassle of finding a priest or minister to pray over your grave to your family.

Finally, you can decide what kinds of flowers to use at your funeral. Flowers can often be one of the biggest costs for services. You can pre-pay for them, and the funeral home can order them for you after you pass away.

A funeral home can put in writing your wishes for your final services. You can pay ahead of time for a casket or urn. You can also stipulate your religious preferences for it. 

Reach out to a funeral home today to learn more.

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