Practical Elements To Budget For When You Plan Out Cremation Services

Practical Elements To Budget For When You Plan Out Cremation Services

28 January 2021
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If you prefer to be cremated, you may want to get your plans formalized and paid for well before you near the end of your life. You can lay out these plans with a reputable funeral home to ensure that they are carried out according to your wishes after you are gone. However, as you lay out the plans, you need to consider what elements you will need to pay for. You may need to allow for a number of expenses as you plan out the cremation services that you want to be held after your passing.


When you plan out your cremation services, you must decide whether or not you want to have your ashes contained in an urn. If you want to be buried in a cemetery, you will need to buy an urn in which to hold your ashes. Cemeteries generally will not allow family members to spread ashes in a grave. Instead, they stipulate that cremains must be contained in an urn and then placed in a grave. 

As you finalize your cremation services, you can decide what kind of an urn that you want to contain your ashes. Like caskets, urns can be very simple to very elaborate. You can choose one that suits your budget and also reflects your personal style and preferences.

If you prefer that your ashes be spread instead of buried, however, you can forgo buying an urn. You can stipulate that your cremains be contained in a simple container that is low in cost and also easy for your family to open to spread your ashes. 

Transport Services

After you die, your remains must be transported to the crematory. The company in charge of your cremation typically charges by the mile for its transport and shipping services. If you want to keep these costs as low as possible, you may want to work with a funeral home that is located as close to the municipal or county crematory as possible or even offers its own in-house crematory services. 

Finally, the funeral home will ask if you prefer to have a wake or visitation prior to being cremated. If you prefer these services, you will need to pay for a leased casket, as well as embalming services.

You can plan your cremation services to ensure your wishes are carried out. However, you should pay ahead for an urn, transport, and embalming services. For more information, contact a company like American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels).

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