How To Plan A Cremation Service

How To Plan A Cremation Service

3 December 2020
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It's not uncommon for people to die suddenly and without warning. As a result, you may find yourself planning an unexpected funeral service. If you've never planned a funeral before, you may be unsure about your next steps. Many people choose cremation services but don't know much about the process. Learning more information can help you feel secure in your choice. Here are four tips that will help you plan a cremation funeral service.

1. Consult the deceased person's will.

Some people have preferences concerning the way their remains are treated after their deaths. A living will is a document used to ensure that a person's wishes are carried out after their passing. Before making any funeral arrangements, consult your deceased loved one's will. You may find helpful information there that can help you choose the right kind of funeral service. People frequently specify whether they like to be cremated or buried in their wills. 

2. Decide if you'd like to include a viewing ceremony in the funeral program.

Some families choose to include a viewing ceremony during their funeral program. During a viewing ceremony, funeral guests will have the opportunity to look at the deceased person one last time. Viewing ceremonies are compatible with cremation. If you choose to include this portion of the funeral proceedings, the cremation process will be performed after the funeral ends. Your loved one will need to be embalmed before cremation if you decide to hold a viewing session.

3. Select a fitting outfit for your loved one to wear to the funeral service.

When people choose direct cremation, the cremation process is performed immediately. In these instances, people are cremated in the clothes they were wearing when they died. If you decide to hold a viewing ceremony at your loved one's funeral, you will have the chance to select an outfit for your loved one. Your loved one will be displayed and cremated in this outfit, so choose wisely. Many family members strive to choose clothes that are meaningful to the deceased person and their loved ones.

4. Make plans for your loved one's cremains.

During the cremation process, your loved one's body will be exposed to high heat that will convert it to ash. After cremation, these ashes will be returned to you. You can choose to scatter your loved one's cremains or retain them for sentimental purposes. Make plans for your loved one's cremains in advance so you can purchase a decorative urn if necessary.

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