Top Things To Determine When Planning Your Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service

Top Things To Determine When Planning Your Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service

1 September 2020
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Now that someone close to you has passed away, you have probably had to make a lot of decisions. Now that you are preparing to host their funeral memorial service, there are more decisions that you will need to make, too. These are just a few examples of the different things that you will need to determine when planning a funeral memorial service for someone close to you.

Will There Be a Viewing?

One of the first decisions that you will need to make is whether or not there will be a viewing. Many families find that viewing their loved one's body is comforting during this time of grief. If you and your family members feel this way, then you will probably want to host a viewing. However, many families determine that having a viewing is not appropriate for their situation for one reason or another, and this is a perfectly acceptable decision to make, too. You may want to talk to some of your other family members so that you will have help with making this decision.

How Many People Will Be Attending?

It will be difficult to know just how many people will be attending your loved one's service until the day of the service. If possible, however, you will probably want to get an idea of how many people will probably attend. Then, you can make sure that the venue is appropriately sized, and you can make sure that there is ample seating for everyone who comes, too.

Will There Be Music?

You might want to choose some of your loved one's favorite songs to play during the service, or you may want to ask a loved one who is good at singing to perform a live song as a means of honoring and remembering your loved one. If you would like to have some background music but don't have any specific songs in mind, then you can work with the professionals who are helping you host the memorial service. They should be able to assist with playing background music that is appropriate for the occasion.

Who Will Be Speaking?

Of course, you will probably want to have at least one person speak at your loved one's funeral memorial service. Many people choose to have a pastor speak, or you can look for someone who isn't religious to host the memorial service if you prefer. You may also want to ask family members and friends to come up and speak during the service.

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