Cremation Or Burial: Which One Is Right For You?

Cremation Or Burial: Which One Is Right For You?

17 August 2020
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Despite the awkwardness of preparing for your own funeral, many people have strong feelings about whether or not they want to be buried or cremated. Sometimes those decisions are made for religious reasons, while others simply don't want their loved ones to go through the financial hassle of a burial.

Regardless, if you're unsure about whether or not cremation is right for you, here are a few tips that should help you to make this very important decision.

Do You Have Land for a Burial?

You don't need much land to be buried in, but the cost of a plot inside of a cemetery can be expensive, which can be a non-starter for some people. Cremation allows for your ashes to be spread over a wide swatch of land that is personal to you, or be placed inside of an urn and carried along with your family and friends. Though you can opt to have the urn placed inside of a burial plot, cremation allows for more options for your loved ones to remember you by.

How Much of a Factor Is Price?

It may seem crass to talk about money when you're discussing something like death, but price can be a huge issue for some people. As stated above, a burial plot can be expensive, but so can the embalming and storing fees that go with preserving a body for up to a couple weeks at a time. Cremation is significantly less expensive overall, which can help out your loved ones tremendously.

Does Your Religion Allow It?

In some cases, a person's religious belief — or the religious belief of their loved ones — does not allow a person to be cremated based on beliefs of the afterlife. The main religions that are affected by this are Islam, Orthodox Judaism, and Catholicism, but most other religions have no issues with cremation. Even if you are not religious, it's still a good idea to take your family's preferences into consideration during this very important decision.

Where Does Your Family Live?

Placing a body in a cemetery plot is very permanent. Although the body can be transported to a new site later, it's extremely expensive to do so. Cremation allows the person's ashes to be much more mobile, which is very important if the family lives far away from the intended burial site. If you want your loved ones close by at all times, cremation provides that opportunity.

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