Understanding Your Guestbook Options

Understanding Your Guestbook Options

19 June 2020
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One common aspect of most traditional funeral services is a guest book for guests to sign. These books allow people to register their last respects with the family and can be an important part of the grieving process both for close family members and friends who attend the funeral. However, with modern times, many options for guest books have become available. 

Before choosing a guest book, it is important for you to have an idea of what purpose you want the book to serve. Do you want a memory item you can look back on? Do you want a formal way for people to pay respects? Do you want the book only available to people who physically attend the funeral or open to those further away? Answering these questions will give you an idea of what book is best for your needs. Once you understand your needs, it will be easier to choose from these three options. 

Traditional Book 

A traditional guestbook looks like a registry, with a space for names and contact details. While it can be comforting, it is mostly a good way for those close to the deceased to be able to contact guests at a later date. However, some traditional guest books also have space for the guests to share words of encouragement or their favorite memory of the deceased. These can be more emotional mementos. If you go with this option, you might consider a book with detachable cards so multiple guests can write their memories at the same time. 

Memory Book 

A memory book is a custom guestbook that usually includes several photographs of the deceased as well as pages or detachable cards to share memories. These books can be a great keepsake for the family of the deceased. 

Online Book

More people are moving their lives online these days, and this includes memorial books. An online book creates a space for multiple people to share photographs and memories of the deceased. Friends and family can take their time to consider what they want to add to the book. It can be easier to share with multiple people, and people who are unable to attend the funeral can participate. There are also options to print the book if you want a physical copy. 

Funerals come with many choices. Choosing the right guestbook may seem like a small detail, but it is an item that has the potential to help you through your grieving process and should be carefully considered. Reach out to professionals who provide funeral services like those at Damar  Kaminski Funeral Home & Crematorium for more information. 

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