Lost A Loved One? Why You Should Make Funeral Broadcasting A Part Of The Memorial Service

Lost A Loved One? Why You Should Make Funeral Broadcasting A Part Of The Memorial Service

28 May 2020
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As you progress through life it is almost inevitable that you will lose someone close to you. It can be painful to accept this brutal truth, but once you reach a state of acceptance, you're able to see the beauty in the circle of life and can use that newfound gratitude to celebrate the person who is no longer in the land of the living. If you've recently had a friend or family member pass away and you're in charge of planning the memorial service, going the traditional route is great. However, times have changed, and there are so many advanced options available as well. While you are putting together the physical ceremony take a look at why you should add funeral broadcasting to the lineup.

Funeral Webcasting Lets More People Honor The Deceased

There may be many caring relatives who would love to attend a physical homegoing service. The only issue is that there could be restrictions in place that make it impossible for them to show up. Death can happen without warning, and if other folks aren't able to produce the money for a plane ticket, hotel expenses, meals, or special clothing, they might have to resort to staying at home.

You can make the service available to many more people by offering funeral webcasting. By streaming the service over the Internet, you can open up a part of the event for virtual attendees to give last remarks, share warm memories, or simply have a final chance to view the body of an individual who meant so much to them.

Funeral Homes Make Broadcasting Easy

Although you may believe that you have to be a technological whiz to make broadcasting happen, the truth is actually the opposite. There are many great funeral homes out there that have made webcasting a viable option, even for people who have never used the Internet in that way before.

Include funeral broadcasting in your package, and the funeral director should have all of the tools and skills necessary to seamlessly integrate this portion of the program into the memorial service. You may even be given the option to save the webcast so you can preserve it as a keepsake from the occasion.

Send your special loved one off with a service that befits the life that they lived. Ask a funeral home, such as FuneralVue, about broadcasting, and include it in the upcoming service.  

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