How To Choose An Epitaph For Your Loved One

How To Choose An Epitaph For Your Loved One

27 February 2020
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An epitaph is the short text that you include on a headstone to describe your loved one. The epitaph often includes the name, birth date, and death date of your loved one, but it might also include a special quote, Bible verse, or song lyric. If you are unsure what to include in an epitaph, you are not alone. A lot of people don't know what to include.

An epitaph can be challenging to write. These tips can help you write one that has meaning and represents your loved one well.

Choose a Quote, But Not Right Away

Keep in mind that you do not have to order a headstone immediately. You can take several months to decide which quote or verse you want to include. You do not have much room to say everything you want, so it makes sense that you want to take the time to really think about the options and possibly even discuss the quotes and verses with your loved ones. You do not want to hastily choose something that is permanent.

Consider Core Beliefs and Values of Your Loved One

Next, think about all the things your loved one held dear. Were they passionate about any specific value system? Were they religious? Did they proudly serve in the military? Consider these values when you look around for a quote or verse that represents their beliefs.

Decide Who the Epitaph Is for

Next, you should consider the audience. Who is the epitaph speaking to? If it is for family members or friends, you should consider this audience first and foremost. If you want to cater the message to strangers and share the feeling you have toward your loved one with them, it might impact the selection you make.

Make Your Statement Brief

Finally, remember that the passage needs to be a bit short. It is important to remember that your loved one is going to be remembered regardless of what you choose. The statement you make can be meaningful and brief at the same time. A simple but sweet phrase will reveal a lot about your loved one, but it can never encompass his or her entire identity, of course.

Do you still have questions about the process? Speak with a headstone engraving professional today to learn more. You will soon realize that you are not alone in your approach to your loved one's epitaph.

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