Cremation Services Follow A Traditional Funeral Approach

Cremation Services Follow A Traditional Funeral Approach

26 February 2020
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Honoring a departed loved one's last wishes should be a priority. Among those wishes might be a desire for cremation. Most people may be familiar with the traditional burial process, but cremation remains an option. Family members might think that cremation services don't allow burials. However, they can. People who are familiar with television and movie depictions of cremation may think the ashes and urn always go on display in the home. That is an option, but not the only one. Similarly, the process of scattering ashes, while possible, isn't mandatory. After cremation, the ashes and urn can follow a traditional burial plan.

Urns and Their Variances

When asked to imagine an urn, family members may think of large, ornate ones. They may even worry about the costs associated with these urns. In reality, there are scores of different types of urns available. Families intending to procure large, ornate bronze urns can do so. These urns may be the best choice for, say, a church service. While not the same size as a casket, a sizeable urn will be visible to people at the service. Such urns, however, are not the only ones to select. Much smaller urns are available, and these may be preferred by families not requesting an elaborate church service.

Urns and Caskets and Burials

Urns, like caskets, can undergo a traditional burial. Placing an urn inside a mausoleum is another possibility. Such information may prove surprising to family members who believe that urns share no similarities with caskets. In reality, they do. Urns may undergo the same burial process that a casket can. Even the smallest urn could be buried in the same way the most ornate casket is. For family members wishing to honor their departed loved one, cremation services don't necessarily come with limitations.

Focusing on the Headstone

Often, a family member may request a small service or no service at all. He or she might not want the remaining family members to purchase an ornate urn, either. The reasons for such decisions may vary. Commonly, when an older person's circle of family and friends is small, he or she may not see any reason for a costly, elaborate service. Family members could still honor the departed by focusing on requesting an appropriate headstone. While a small urn may replace the casket, approaches to presenting the headstone need not change.

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