Scattering Cremains | TV Is Not Reality

Scattering Cremains | TV Is Not Reality

24 February 2020
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In a world where reality TV is one of the most popular types of entertainment for the average watcher, it's easy to assume that what you see on TV should be easier to believe. However, when it comes to scattering ashes after a loved one has been cremated, what you may have seen on TV is probably not going to align with what really happens. If you're planning a memorial event after a loved one has been cremated, it's best if you know what to expect. Here are a few things you may have seen on TV associated with ash scattering that will likely not happen. 

On TV: Ashes are so lightweight that they get sprayed back on bystanders. 

In Reality: You've probably seen it happen at least once; someone spreads cremains beside the sea and those ashes just come drifting back to coat all the bystanders. This scenario makes for good dark comedy, but it's not something likely to occur in reality. Cremains are dense and heavy, and they really don't float on the breeze that easily unless they're being dropped from a really high point.

The fragments of the body are not as lightweight as something like wood or paper after the cremation process is complete. Therefore, if you have plans for an ocean-side scattering, you probably won't do anything to offend bystanders because the ashes will likely fall right into the water. 

On TV: Someone drops the urn and cremains are spilled. 

In Reality: Yes, it's possible to spill an urn full of cremains, but it's highly unlikely that this will happen. When you receive an urn with your loved one's remains inside, the cremains will actually be in a plastic bag to specifically deter spillage. If you were to drop the urn and the lid came off, all that would spill out would be a plastic bag. 

Plus, most urns these days have a lid that closes rather firmly with a spring-loaded hinge or even with a screw-down lid. The lid will actually take some effort to get open when the time comes. You may be nervous at the ash-scattering ceremony, but even if you do drop the urn due to shaky hands and high emotions, you probably won't spill anything in the process. 

Cremation allows for people to be placed in areas that meant something to them in life. If you have specific questions about ash-scattering and how it works, talk to a cremation service like Fletcher Funeral Home PA for insight. 

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