Ideas For What You Can Do With The Ashes After Cremation Services

Ideas For What You Can Do With The Ashes After Cremation Services

11 February 2020
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If you are going to be receiving the ashes of a loved one after their cremation services have been performed, you might find yourself wondering just what it is that you can, or should, do with their ashes. Reading through the following ideas should help give you a better idea of some of the options that are available to you. You can use one of these suggestions or allow them to spark some inspiration in you for another idea.

Divide Up The Ashes Into Smaller Urns

If you have a few different people in the family that would like to take possession of the ashes, you could divide them up and place each person's share into their own little urn. There is no reason that the ashes must all stay together, unless that was the wish of the deceased or something that you and your family want.

Spread The Ashes At Their Favorite Vacation Spot

Was there a place that your loved one enjoyed visiting every year on vacation? Maybe they mentioned a place that they would love to retire to should they ever have a chance. Then again, maybe there was a location that they never got the chance to visit but always had a strong desire to go to. If there is a special place that you can think of like that, you can always visit there and spread their ashes. You can spread them in the air, along the ground, or into a body of water.

Bury The Ashes In An Approved Area

Ashes can be buried in approved areas, such as your own yard if allowed or even in a cemetery if you are interested in purchasing a burial plot. This allows you to take advantage of the cremation services, but still gives you, friends, and other family members a place to go visit the deceased.

After considering the previously mentioned ideas for what to do with cremation ashes, you should have an easier time deciding what to do, whether you are the sole decision maker or this is something that you will want to figure out with a few family members. Remember, there is no rush to finalize your decision on what to do with the ashes of your loved one. The ashes can remain in the box provided by the funeral home for as long as you need while you spend time thinking about this. You want to do what feels right to you so that you do not later have any regrets.

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