3 Things You Should Know About Engraving Realistic Images on Gravestones

3 Things You Should Know About Engraving Realistic Images on Gravestones

7 February 2020
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When your loved one dies, if you choose to bury them in a cemetery, you are going to want to have a gravestone created to mark their final resting place. With modern grave markers, you can have the marker custom engraved with not just words, but with realistic images as well.

#1: The Image Is Etched with a Laser

If you desire to have a realistic image etched onto your loved one's gravestone, you are going to need to work with a laser engraver. Realistic images are engraved onto headstones using precision lasers. These high-tech lasers allow the engraver to skillfully move the laser around and etch the image into the stone.

#2: Bring a High-Quality Photo

Lasers can be used to etch far more than names or simple symbols, and they can be used to etch a realistic-looking photograph of your loved one onto their gravestone. To do this, you will need to provide them with a high-quality photo of your loved one. They will use the photo to create a stencil that they will use to engrave the image onto the headstone.

#3: The Laser Etching Is Designed to Last 

When you pay for an image to be lasered onto your loved one's grave marker, you are making a long-term investment. The laser cuts deep into the rock, leaving behind an image that will endure for centuries to come. For the image to fade, the face of the grave marker would have to wear down considerably, which is not something that will occur for hundreds of years under normal circumstances, if at all, depending on the environment where the stone is located.

#4: You Need a Solid Stone Base

To have a grave marker engraved with a custom image, you need to have a solid stone base, to begin with. Granite is a popular base for this type of gravestone because the material is strong and has a nice base color to it that can make a custom engraved photograph stand out. Other stones, such as limestone, can also be used.

Putting a realistic image on a gravestone is a great way to customize your loved one's final resting place. A custom image on a gravestone will also help humanize the grave marker and remind everyone who visits the person who was lost. Custom laser engraving is designed to last long-term. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Norman's Memorials.

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