Planning Your Cremation? 4 Ways to Leave Your Loved Ones a Lasting Memory

Planning Your Cremation? 4 Ways to Leave Your Loved Ones a Lasting Memory

4 February 2020
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If you're in the process of planning your estate and you want to include plans for your cremation, consider your remains. Once you're cremated, your remains will be given to your loved ones. If you haven't left final requests for your remains, the decisions will fall to your loved ones. Instead of leaving those decisions to someone else, use this time to choose how you want to be remembered. Here are four unique ways you can turn your ashes into something that will live forever. 

Become One With Nature

If you've always enjoyed the great outdoors, let your ashes become one with nature. You might be thinking that a burial at sea, or scattering your ashes throughout the forest are the only two options available for that, but that's not the case. You can have your ashes used for growing new trees. Have your ashes placed in a biodegradable urn, complete with tree seedlings. Once your remains are buried in the forest, beautiful trees will grow from your final resting place and leave behind a lasting memorial to your life. 

Become a Work of Art

If you prefer beautiful works of art, become one yourself after you've passed. Ashes can now be turned into stained glass artwork or hand-blown glass pieces. One of the benefits of this type of memorial is that only a portion of your remains is used in the process. That means your loved ones will receive a work of art to remember you by, while still being able to hold on to the rest of your ashes. Additionally, you can arrange for each of your loved ones to receive a work of art to remember you by. 

Become a Part of Time

If you to hold a place in your loved one's home after you pass but you don't like the idea of being placed in an urn, become a timepiece instead. You can have your ashes used in an hourglass, which your loved ones can display in their home. The hourglass will hold all of your ashes, which means you'll become a literal part of time for your loved ones. 

Become a Piece of the Galaxy

If you and your loved ones enjoyed gazing at the stars together, become a lasting piece of the galaxy. You can now have your remains sent into space, where they'll orbit around the earth forever. When your loved ones look up at the night stars, they'll know you're there.

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